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About S-bar-R Ranch

Mission Statement:

Assist people in developing their optimum potential in all areas of life.

About Us:

As a group we address all areas of wellbeing through a holistic approach.

Who We Serve:

Anyone desiring to increase or optimize their potential, especially at-risk groups.

Make Up:

The group consists of past co-workers turned friends, and family of Kathy Smith, who has worked supporting at-risk populations for thirty-four years.


Even as a teenager Kathy loved the outdoors, animals, and children. She was babysitting a family who had a children diagnosed with CP, mental retardation, an emotional disturbance, and a baby with a vascular ring. The family also had a very calm cat and a very energetic dog, which if got out everyone else ran inside!

In searching for a career path, she initially was attracted to early childhood and elementary education, since she enjoyed young children who are fun-loving and sponges for learning. Then added training in Learning Disabilities since that appealed to her love of puzzles, which translated into how people can learn differently. As a graduate student she was introduced to the Educational Diagnostician program, where she learned to assess intellect and academic functioning. She wanted to learn more, so she entered into the doctoral program at Texas A&M, but was unsure of the end focus of her studies. Enrolling in Curriculum and Instruction, she sought out training as a Reading Specialist and Supervisor.

In serving within the school system as an educational diagnostician, she discovered she was unable to be promoted within her district beyond the diagnostician level, so accepted a recruitment offer to start a Special Education department for a district pulling out of a local co-op. After 3 years, she moved to another challenge: educational diagnostician at a school for the deaf. She had a little extra time, so also contracted out with a organization that supported charter schools around the state. Shortly thereafter, that organization lost their SE director and Kathy took on that role for them.

Three years ago, Kathy "retired" initially to work as a river guide, dance instructor, and fun activities coordinator. Issues with physical limitations resurfaced, so she ended up working part-time for two school districts as an educational diagnostician. But the desire was still there to create something else.

Throughout her life as well, Kathy has also been a seeker of personal growth opportunities. All of us have issues from childhood and adulthood that we would like to balance out with more knowledge and improved skills. So it was with her. To that end she attended 12-Step programs (ED, CODA, Al-Anon), study A Course In Miracles, attended several Landmark trainings, received Life Coach sessions based on Birkman, attended Divorce Recovery, Successfully Single, Building a Healthy Relationship, and other growth-inspiring opportunities.

It was just recently, however, when she signed up for International Certification as Life Coach in which she felt that she was able to connect the dots from her previous growth experiences into one that created a cohesive unit from her past experiences.

She felt she could combine all these elements into a "dream job" she created from her Birkman work that would manifest itself as a Ranch-Camp-Retreat on her land with a focus of providing support to at-risk populations through a holistic approach.

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S-bar-R Ranch Camp and Retreat    8080 CR 312     Caldwell, Texas 77836    979-229-6491    E-mail: info@s-bar-r.org

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